UC/CSU Applications open on October 1st!

Deadline to submit is November 30 but it is in the students BEST interest to submit applications as close to November 1st as possible!

Students, here is what you will need to complete the application:
*Your transcript-if your school prints UC/CSU transcripts, please get that one instead. If not, be sure to have access to the UCOP Doorways and type in your school name and location or your school code.
*Brag Sheet/Resume-having this complete with all activities, awards and recognition, sports, volunteer work, coursework outside of your high school, and anything else you would like to share.
*Personal statement-be sure to have your guidance counselor look at it and seek advice from your teachers of English. Please be sure to submit the best quality essay that can say the most about you in 1000 words. If you need additional assistance, call on Garza.
Here are important websites:
Students applying to the UC system must meet the eligibility requirements for FRESHMAN or for TRANSFER students. In addition, be sure that you have already completed the SAT or ACT and any additional requirements needed if you are applying to specialized programs like Engineering or Dance.
Students applying to the CSU system must review the admissions criteria and check to see which campus offer which majors, which campus are impacted, and be sure to also sign up for placement tests!
*Note-Some schools MAY ask students to submit transcripts early (almost as soon as an application has been submitted) but MOST SCHOOLS will only seek official transcripts at the end of the students high school senior year.
Lastly, the UC and CSU system use their own criteria to determine eligibility for fee waivers. Students must have access to family income information for the UC application.
Questions? Please, please, please ask! counselorgarza@gmail.com
Good effort!

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