Why hire an independent counselor to guide you through the college application process?

A school guidance counselor may have professional capability to guide students through college planning, but within the confines of the school systems and due to increased caseloads, counselors may not have the time to assist individual students through the intricate process of selecting the best college for your scholar within the school day.

A qualified counselor that gives special attention through the process of applying to colleges is needed to help scholars make the right decision in selecting the best fit post-secondary institution for the right reasons.

As a psychologist and with over ten years experience advising in the secondary and post-secondary environment, Marlene can guide you and your family through the college application process

Hourly investment to review the following services begin at $225 for online individual advising.
**Review courses available at the high school, compare and balance rigor and ability with student
**Help families understand university admissions requirements
**Guide students in understanding majors through career assessment and interest inventory
**Set post-secondary goals and how to prepare for college applications and scholarships
**Review, prepare, strategize for standardized tests
**Assistance with personal statement for admissions and scholarships
**Review, select and apply to select colleges and universities.

Additional Packages

Crash course in College Preparation: One-time, two-hour session to briefly review the above services during a students junior year of high school. This is the best option for independent students that would like to take on the challenge of planning and applying on their own with little direction but need a jump start on the process. $400

Personal Statement Assistance: Will work with student to create a powerful personal statement, from brainstorming until the applicant is ready to press “send” on the application. $500

Senior year package: Up to thirty hours of college application planning and completion, assist with selection of colleges to which the student will apply, aid in the creation of the brag sheet, plus personal statement assistance. Planning begins in summer of senior year and continues until the student begins first semester of college. $7500


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