ACT vs. SAT?

Are you at that point in your high school academic career where you still don’t know which test to take that will best represent you as a person (or get you the highest score on your applications)?

Here is a quick flyer on the differences between the two tests:

SAT v. ACT – what is the difference?

Do you want to take a practice test before you sit down for the real thing? Hamilton High School, in partnership with the Princeton Review offers just that!

On November 13th, we will have a practice test for BOTH the SAT and the ACT. Then on the following Wednesday, the Princeton Review will have a score interpretation night to explain your scores and offer suggestions on how to prepare and which tests to take. Of course, you can sign up for the test preparation class with them that is offered here at Hamilton, but if you just want to see your scores and have other plans for test prep, use this time to strategize!

Sign up in the Hamilton High School College Office (Room 109) to be guaranteed a seat in the practice test. Cost is only $10.

Are you wondering whether you should take these tests multiple times in hopes of getting a better score? Read some helpful hints from a fellow counselor regarding taking the test multiple times.

Do you have more questions? I recommend talking to your counselor.