Class of 2012-this is it!

The last summer before you have to hit the ground running, take a rigorous schedule of classes, continue volunteering, joining student clubs, make friends and boyfriends or girlfriends and party like you never have before.
Oh, and you have to apply to college. That tiny detail that will change your life….forever.
Without stressing it too much, finding the right school for you is incredibly important! You want to find the school that speaks to you, that offers the classes you want to take, that admits the kids just as quirky as you, and that allows you to take a summer trip to the middle of nowhere and get credit for it too!
There are several resources available to help you find the best schools, but don’t be fooled by the fancy pictures and the funky videos the school posts on their website! Get to the nitty gritty! Check their statistics!
*How many students return to their school for sophomore year?
*How much financial aid do they offer (need based and non-need based) to students?
*How many of those really cool classes do they really offer from their general catalog of eccentric courses?
*How many students does the school admit that fall in to your GPA range?
There are several more questions to ask before putting the school on your list of colleges to apply to and before saying “yes!” to four years and up to $200,000 of tuition that your parents, the government and the school will fork over to educate you. Garza is here if you need additional assistance.
The next thing to do is read this awesome article:

10 Costly Mistakes in College Applications

We (as in my generation and the “old people”) want you (students) to be positive contributors to society, make sound decisions, and be better than us. Learn from our mistakes and make this place better. It starts with this one life changing experience…a college education.

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