Never stop DREAMing

One must remember who we are and where we came from in order to move forward. The United States was built on the back of immigrants. The U.S. is successful because of the migration of many different people throughout the years. The kids deserve that shot and shouldn’t be held back because of lack of funding and support. For many, this is the only country they know as home even if they were born somewhere else.

I tell people I am from “here” because I was born here. My history did not start in Los Angeles, California. It started many generations ago, across many borders, most of which I have yet to trace. But, I ask people to remember the history of California and the history of the United States. We are an awesome powerhouse because of your immigrant ancestors and my immigrant descendants. Are we potentially saying “no entry” or “go home” to the future president of the United States because we are afraid of the future?

Dare to DREAM….just like those before you.

The following is a video from a blog I found while searching the net. Women like this one are furthering their education to make the U.S. a better place. They are “aspiring to be productive citizens and help the country they know as home.”

An Unfinished Dream….

A DREAM A Part from Asian Law Caucus on Vimeo.

Just food for thought, please watch and listen with an open heart.

Read on (click here) for more information about the DREAM Act.


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